Cohort Study on Substance Use Risk Factors

Data and instruments


Baseline in French, in German or in English.

Follow-up 1 in French, in German or in English.

Follow-up 2 in French, in German or in English.

Instruments and bibliography

Comprehensive list of instruments (baseline, follow-up 1 & follow-up 2; bibliography)

Instruments at a glance

Validated instruments

Our SPSS data is available upon demand

Baseline: 5'990 respondents (August 2010 - Dec. 2011).

Follow-up 1: 5'479 respondents (March 2012 - Jan. 2014), i.e. 91.5% of baseline.

Are you a scientific investigator interested in substance use? The C-SURF Scientific Board strongly encourages scientific collaborations.

You only need to submit a short description of your research project to Prof. Gerhard Gmel ( ). Take a look at our guidelines for scientific collaborations for further details.

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