Cohort Study on Substance Use Risk Factors


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Prevalences Top

Risky single occasion drinking (RSOD)

Drinking location, frequency of drinking and prevalence
of regular RSOD

Stability of alcohol use over 15 months in young men in Switzerland

Drinking pattern by beverage preference

Strength of the relationship between density of on-premise outlets
and Risky Single Occasion Drinking (RSOD)

Consequences Top

Alcohol dependence at first follow-up according to frequency
of risky single-occasion drinking at baseline

Drinking location and alcohol-related consequences

Association between drinking pattern and alcohol-related 
consequences and use of other substances

Association between beverage preference and alcohol-related
consequences and use of other substances

Social aspects Top

Alcohol use and family factors

Estimation of alcohol use of peers

One's own mean number of drinks per week and
perception of alcohol use of peers


Personality Top

Weekend and weekday drinking volume
and drinking motives


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