Cohort Study on Substance Use Risk Factors

Study process


Currently and until 2017, the participants are invited to answer a 3rd questionnaire online. The participation is rewarded with a voucher of CHF 50.-, which is sent shortly after the questionnaire is filled in.

Participants are invited to fill in this questionnaire by email. In this email, they find a personal link to the online questionnaire. Those who prefer to fill in a hard copy can get it by post with a postage prepaid envelope.

If any problem should come up or for questions related to the study or the questionnaire, participants can get in touch with our project administrator at the University Hospital of the Canton Vaud (   or at 021 314 90 07).

Key stages of the study

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Consent Questionnaire 1 Questionnaire 2 Questionnaire 3


No personal information at all is communicated to the army or to anybody other than the research team. Personal information and answers to the questionnaires are kept highly confidential at all stages. They are secured under an anonymous coding system. Only project coordinators have access to participants' names and contact details. Any participant is free to turn invitations down or give up at any time. © 2010-2015
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